Tips You Should Know About Passport Application

You should expect a lot of challenges when applying for any governmental documents and the passport is no different. Several documents and requirements must be met to be eligible for passport application. Whether you are applying for the first time, renewing or updating your passport, the process remains to be very tedious and complicated. There are some official government websites that explain the whole process, but they might be little complicated to navigate. This article will try to break down some of the procedures and requirements one needs to apply for a passport.

First of all, when applying a passport for the first time, you should be aware that it's a very tiresome process if you have no idea about the requirements involved. Hence you should be mentally prepared. The first step is to make an appointment and visit the nearby passport agency with the necessary documents. One can easily find a nearby passport application agency by doing online searches. The required documents include an entirely filled passport application form, evidence of citizenship and a valid identification card, a photocopy of both sides of the identification card, passport photos and the application fee which might vary with time hence should be regularly confirmed from the government website.

Secondly, if you are looking to renew your passport, the process is more straightforward if the expired passport available and in good condition. If you have the expired passport, you can just replace the visa by mail. If the passport you want to renew was issued when you were above the age of sixteen and less its less than fifteen years old you then it's eligible to renew via mail. All you have to do is send the passport, all the required documents, photocopies, and photos and wait for a period of six to eight weeks. But in case your expired passport is unavailable, issued when the individual was below sixteen years or in poor condition, then the individual has to appear at a passport agency for passport renewal personally. Click here for more information:

Finally, to those who have lost the passport, the process is more complicated. A friendly reminder is always to report your passport immediately you notice its missing. If you lose your passport, one is required to fill two application forms. The first form is the official passport application form, and the other is a form that gives an account of how you lost your passport. The other documents needed are such those of a first-time applicant. Another thing to note is that passport replacement is not free, and one is charged the same amount as a first-time applicant. To find out more about the passport process, visit:

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